Our Features

Online & on-Demand

All of our Courses are online and can be taken wherever and whenever you want!

Expert Lectures

Learn on-demand from top instructors who are industry subject matter experts.

Certificates of Completion

Upon completion of a courses you can earn a certificate of completion from Career Academy.

PowerPoint Visuals

Many of the in-depth theories and processes discussed in our courses can be learned most efficiently through the detailed PowerPoint slides presented.


The immersive demonstrations in our training are a way for the instructor to present how to perform a task on-screen in front of the student.

Review Quizzes

Students can test their knowledge by taking our review quizzes! They can retake any review quizzes as many times as they wish to ensure understanding of the concepts.

Final Exams

Upon completion of a training series, students can take a Final Exam, these exams test the students knowledge on all material within a series of courses.

Mobile Access

With our universal course player, you can learn from your computer, tablet as well as mobile devices. Keep up with your training on the go!


Each course comes with a printable workbook that allows for notes as you learn, review quiz answer key, and answer explanations.